TULIPS is a consortium that will develop innovations that facilitate the transition to low-carbon mobility and enhance sustainability at airports for the next four years. This consortium is supported by the EU with a €25 million funding.

The project has started in January 2022 and will last until December 2025. The consortium aims to speed up the roll-out of sustainable technologies in aviation and significantly contribute towards the zero emissions and zero waste airports by 2030 and climate-neutral aviation by 2050. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be the proving ground for 17 demonstrator projects in collaboration with industrial partners.

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The TULIPS consortium will contribute to the transition to low-carbon mobility and enhance current sustainability actions at airports for the next four years by developing and implementing innovative solutions, supported by the EU with €25 million in funding. The funding is part of the European Green Deal. The collaboration of front running airports, airlines, knowledge institutes and industrial partners in this unique European consortium makes it possible to contribute significantly to sustainable aviation, on top of current contributions and actions planned.

Collaborating at four very different airports, with the input from the broad coalition of partners, will allow the impact of the solutions on the European climate targets to become apparent.

Successful demonstration of specific actions to accelerate sustainability in different scenarios will showcase these innovations and how they can be implemented throughout Europe. The outcomes of the project are expected to contribute significantly to the decarbonization of the aviation sector.

The relevant knowledge gained will be shared on this website, which will allow the aviation industry and other European airports to apply the TULIPS concepts and technologies through practical roadmaps.

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