We, pour, pure … air!

Factory managers have a duty to apply the best available technology (BAT) to reduce emissions as much as possible. Emission of pollutants and gasses.

Since a couple of months, I represent a man who knows extremely well how to purify air through state of the art combined techniques. You can convince yourselves about his skills in this video:

If a factory manager applies VWI knowledge and technology, he will never have to worry about a visit from the environmental department again, so he can get a good night rest, knowing that he is providing clean air to residents – and far beyond.

In fact, the industry can even improve the air because we mix ambient air, so, we actually pour pure air.

I think it would be great if I could see those blue skies of my youth again. When all air traffic was flattened by the C19 government I enjoyed the blue sky as ever; in the eighties, as a teenager, dreaming and fantasizing under my attic window. The technology to reduce emissions is available. It’s just a matter of application.