Yellow Haze

Tuesday morning I drove back to the Netherlands from Tuscany. I see beautiful blue skies through my windshield, and it’s nice outside while I drink my last ‘doppio’.

A few hours later, I clearly see a yellow haze in front of me. I wonder what it is and can’t give another explanation than air pollution. I continue my ride and leave the Po Valley, heading home.

This morning I rang Cees to discuss some topics. He started talking about a report in The Guardian. I open his link and see the almost black spot over northern Italy; extreme air pollution. I reflect on that yellow haze over Milan.

The full article in The Guardian:

The visualization is quite shocking. Even our The Netherlands is seriously polluted. What The Guardian does not mention – yet – is the amount of UFP in the air. UFP is even more harmful than regular particulate matter because it penetrates further into our system; via blood flow into our cells.

Traveling back from a short break in Tuscany, it is clear to me. Consumption and traveling are a prerogative; enjoying beautiful Tuscan sun and food. The question is how? Can we reduce the environmental impact and therefore the burden on our body by reducing emissions to virtually zero? I am happy that we can, and that I help companies and governments become aware and act environmentally friendly.

Interactive card:

Blue sky over Arezzo