Diesel emissions to zero

The emissions from diesel engines are accompanied by emissions of soot particles (UFP) and gases. Think of ultra fine dust and SOX and NOX. Today, we can reduce those emissions to virtually zero. In this article, I show how we make this reality with Van Wees Innovations and Traxx Diesel.

Now it is good to know that Van Wees Innovations is able to reduce these harmful substances and gases to almost 100% with its patented air purification technology. We’ll show you with this video:

For example, we have equipped a diesel generator with our air filter and placed it on a trailer, so that from today you can realize your own energy supply on any construction site and in any industrial or other environment, without emissions.

Now you will ask about the CO₂. However?

CO2 reduction is on the agenda of many entrepreneurs. Traxx Zero is an EN590 diesel fuel that is completely CO2 neutral through a smart combination of reduction and compensation for a clean, simple and certified way of working.

More economical, cleaner, better: Traxx Diesel is CO2-neutral EN590 diesel

Traxx Zero is a high-quality diesel fuel that reduces fuel consumption – and therefore also CO2 emissions – through more efficient combustion. The remaining CO2 emissions are compensated by investments in certified sustainable energy projects. Result: climate-neutral diesel with which your trucks, construction machines and tractors produce no net CO2 emissions.

Virtually zero emissions!

The VWI Cirqulair filters all ultra-fine particles and gases from the engine, and CO₂ emissions are compensated via Traxx Diesel. That’s how it goes.