Nanoparticles in my brain

Tiny pieces of plastic are visible in the brain after 2 hours. A startling study shows that so-called nanoplastics can enter the brains of mice after just two hours. Researchers now have an idea of exactly how that happens.

However, the harmful effect of microplastics is not limited to the digestive system. An Austrian study shows that they can be detected in mouse brains as early as 2 hours after consumption. This knowledge could be of importance to humans.

“If plastic particles find their way to the brain, the risk of inflammation and perhaps also of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s may increase,” Lukas Kenner, professor of pathology at the Medizinische Universität in Vienna, told Neuroscience News.

Read the full article here (in Dutch).

We don’t want nanoparticles in our head!

Let’s make clean ambient air available

With the VWI Cirqulair clean ambient air is available for everyone. The technology behind the Cirqulair is derived from 25 years of research and study. In those years of research, we unveiled the properties and behavior of fine dust and ultrafine dust. This led to the development of the Cirqulair air cleaning unit. The Cirqulair will improve the ambient air like no other air cleaning system has ever done.  

Every air cleaning device is meant to improve the quality of the air we breathe. The Cirqulair is not developed to realize some improvement, but to deliver maximum improvement, clean air in its purest form.

Clean Air in One Take!

Maximum improvement in one take is also more economical and more environmental friendly where
it comes to carbon footprint for the electricity consumption. Where the Cirqulair cleans the air in one take, every other device needs at least 20 air runs before it comes close to the performance of the Cirqulair units.

The removal of the filter section only needs to be done every 42 months. When you compare this with other suppliers where a change is needed from 1 month to a maximum of maybe 6 months.

5 different groups of dust

  1. Group 1: Big dust – everything bigger than 10 micrometers;
  2. Group 2: Fine dust smaller than 10 micrometers but bigger than 2,5 micrometers;
  3. Group 3: MPPS* dust smaller than 2,5 micrometers but bigger than 0,1 micrometer;
  4. Group 4: Ultrafine dust (UFP) smaller than 0,1 micrometer (100 nanometer) but bigger than 1 nanometer;
  5. Group 5: Picodust everything smaller than 1 nanometer.

Cirqulair efficiency

  • Group 1: 100%
  • Group 2: 100%
  • Group 3: 100%
  • Group 4: 99,99999997%
  • Group 5: above 99%

Group 5 mostly contains gasses like VOC’s, PAK’s, NOx, SOx, NH3, H2S etcetera.

Check out the efficiency report here.

A Cirqulair unit can be made for every kind of ambient air pollution.