Schiphol air traffic emissions thousands of times above industry standard

Alarm: carcinogenic air traffic emissions thousands of times above industry standard. Aircraft emissions of substances of very high concern (read: carcinogens) are thousands of times higher than the industrial standard. Minister Harbers (infrastructure) is shocked and promises the House of Representatives to take measures as soon as possible.

This is evident from a letter with appendices that the minister sent to the House of Representatives last night. Minister Harbers relies on a study by the TNO knowledge institute into carcinogenic substances.

Read the original article here (in Dutch).

Because clean air is a fundamental right!

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    Airports are extremely busy locations with large amounts of people, aircraft, and ground vehicles moving around. Ensuring clean air at your airport is important for the health and well-being of airport staff. The most threatening parts are ultra fine particles and NOx.

    What can you do?

    Airports can use our patented state-of-the-art air filters in the ventilation systems of airport buildings. You can also equip ground vehicles with our ‘mobile’ air filters in order to remove over 99,9 % of all pollutants and contaminants in emissions. We filter MPPS, fine particles and ultrafine particles over 99,9%. Image, driving your buses, taxis and luggage trolleys with almost zero emission. Your colleagues would appreciate that.

    By implementing our patented technology, airports can help ensure clean air for everyone, including travelers and staff.

    Silent Air

    With the VWI Cirqulair, and the VWI Cirqulair Silent version, clean ambient air is available for everyone.

    The technology behind the Cirqulair is derived from 25 years of research and study. In those years of research, we unveiled the behavior and properties of fine and ultrafine dust. This led to the development of an air cleaning unit for indoor situations, named the Cirqulair. The Cirqulair will improve the ambient air we breathe like no other air cleaning system has ever done.

    Every air cleaning device is meant to improve the quality of the air we breathe. The Cirqulair is not developed to realize some improvement, but to deliver maximum improvement; clean air in its purest form.

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    While the Cirqulair cleans air in just one take, every other device will need at least 20 runs to achieve the same result as one Cirqulair unit.

    Mobile air cleaning device

    We use the VWI technology to facilitate zero emission on a firetruck. Are you interested in our solution?. Contact us via 0031 6 200 17 111 or email me.